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Suture Needle Test Systems

The Model AE3-BM and Model AE3-CM systems were designed to perform accurate, reliable and repeatable tests on curved suture needles. The machine can also accurately test straight needles/wire.

ASTM International F3014-14 & F1874-98 (2011)

Our suture needle test systems comply with ASTM International F3014-14 standards for penetration testing of needles used in surgical sutures. Our systems also comply with ASTM International F1874-98 (2011) standards for bend testing of needles used in surgical sutures.

In house suture (or straight) needle testing services

  • We offer in house needle testing services for needle manufacturers who wish to test some needles but are not interested in purchasing a machine at this time.
Model AE3-BM-SBD-SC  Model AE3-CM-SBD-SC 




The Model AE3-BM needle test system is a turn key machine with custom hardware and user-friendly system software for testing sharpness, strength and ductility of straight or curved needles or wire.

With our supplied quick change tooling, the operator can change over from one type of test to another in just a few minutes.