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 AE-3 Benchtop Model Tester

Model AE3-BM

The Model AE3 bench model needle/wire tester is designed to perform sharpness, bend moment and ductility testing for both straight and curved needles and wire.

Acculine Engineering’s model AE3 Needle/Wire Testers are used for testing strength, ductility (bend to fail) and sharpness testing on a variety of products and materials. Custom tooling has been developed specifically for testing surgical suture needles, hypodermic needles, precision medical wire and tubing products. Our testing methods conform to ASTM standards.

With custom system software designed solely for needle testing, data is collected from Mark-10 force sensors and is displayed using National Instruments Measurement Studio real time graphing. The data and graphs are stored in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. This data can be used for quality control or for new product research and development.

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 Model AE3-BM