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About Company

Acculine Engineering, like even the largest of corporations, had to start somewhere. In the case of Acculine, it was on the drawing board of Bill French Sr. who started the company in 1982. French had a long history in the tool and die design and manufacture of specialized machinery. In 1982, he organized Acculine and worked out of a home office. Using a vast engineering knowledge, Acculine quickly gained recognition for quality and competitive pricing.

The early days

Long since removed from his home office... the need for more space became apparent, so French purchased a building and moved into the modern facility. More people were added and additional equipment purchased, allowing Acculine Engineering to became a leader in the design and fabrication of automated assembly machinery and state of the art machine vision inspection systems during the 1980's and early 1990's.

Suture Needle Test Systems

  • In late 1990 to early 1991 Acculine designed and built its' first suture needle test system.
  • Development of our suture needle test systems began in 1990 and has been developed ever since.
  • Acculine has become a world supplier for medical/surgical needle test systems.

Acculine Engineering Facilities